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We take student data privacy very seriously. The Clark County School District (CCSD) is committed to protecting student data in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act  (FERPA)and the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). . CCSD must also follow federal laws (FERPA, COPPA, PPRA, CIPA, HIPAA, and IDEA) regarding the sharing of confidential student data to applications.


Clark County School District has a process for reviewing and approving technology at the District level. This process follows best practices identified by the Department of Education and the Federal Trade Commission. All reviews are based on Clark County School District environments, support standards, and policies. The review process protects student information in compliance with federal and state law.

FERPA – The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

FERPA requires that schools have written permission from the parent or guardian in order to release information from a student’s education record.

COPPA – The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act

COPPA puts special restrictions on software companies about the information they can collect about students under 13.

CIPA – The Children’s Internet Protection Act

CIPA requires Districts to put measures in place to filter Internet access and other measures to protect students.

PPRA – Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment

PPRA governs the administration to students of any survey, analysis, or evaluation that concerns one or more of eight designated protected areas.



HHS’ Office for Civil Rights is responsible for enforcing the Privacy and Security Rules. Enforcement of the Privacy Rule began April 14, 2003 for most HIPAA covered entities.



The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) is a law that makes available a free appropriate public education to eligible children with disabilities throughout the nation and ensures special education and related services to those children.


NRS 388

Chapter 38 – NRS 388.020- NRS388.910 Systems of Public Instruction

SAFE Applications Used at Hancock

Approved Software and Applications for Education​

With recent changes to the Nevada Revised Statute concerning student data sharing, we are working hard to get an updated list posted here of applications we use at Doris Hancock that share student personal identifiable information (PII). This list is fluid and subject to change. There are other applications (not listed here) that we use at Doris Hancock. Those applications do not share any student PII. To view the entire approved CCSD SAFE list, visit SAFE.CCSD.NET.

Privacy Policy

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